Privacy Policy

Here at Evergood Travel we aim to create the perfect holiday for each of our clients, and a prerequisite for this is being attentive to their unique preferences and requirements. As well as the basic information required to process any holiday booking, we endeavour to build lasting relationships with our clients, so that we are always their first port of call when planning the next exciting venture. To facilitate each of these goals, we will have to ask you for personal details, such as names, contact details, addresses, holiday preferences, allergies, special requirements, hobbies; and on occasions, it may be a requirement of processing your holiday booking to collect passport details and other such sensitive information.

We will always be transparent with regards to why we are collecting the personal information that we ask for, and understand the importance of keeping your information secure both for your own peace of mind, and in strict compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), Data Protections Act (DPA) and associated legislation. This section is the full privacy policy of Evergood Travel, Company Registration Number 10786625, registered company address: The Chase, Evergood House, John Tate Road, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 7NN.

1. Security: Evergood Travel understands the brevity of handling personal information, and as such continually reviews its security measures and practices to ensure your information is safe-guarded from unauthorised access as required by law. Our due diligence with the handling of personal information will include (but is not limited to) physical, administrative, technical and operational processes, and other controls designed to protect your important data.

2. How we use your information: Any personal information Evergood Travel collect from the client is done with a legitimate and fundamental purpose, to either:

a) Make contact with you at your own request.

b) Personalise the information sent to you.

c) Process your holiday booking.

d) Keep in contact with you. In this instance we will ask permission for your consent to marketing via the various mediums of phone, email and/or post.

e) Maintain the quality of our service, operations, and to facilitate training. 

Note: Where personal information is required for purposes different to the above, we will explain that purpose to you, and take the same security measures in protecting your data.

3. How we procure your information: While you should always know how companies have come the obtain your information, especially in light of the new GDPR legislations, it is still useful to detail the ways in which we might have come to obtain your data. This list is not exhaustive, but formulates our primary mediums of data capture:

a) In person and/or by mutual association.

b) By appointment.

c) By method of Web Enquiry Form submission.

d) By sending an email to us.

e) Over the phone. (When you enquire through us, or conversely have scheduled a time for us to call you back in order to discuss a holiday enquiry or booking).

f) By recorded call.

g) By subscription to any of our mailing services or additional products.

h) By completion of a survey, or through customer feedback by phone, email or post.

i) By providing your details at an event at which we are associated.

j) Automated Technology: Such as call recording, call logs, web server logs, cookies and tracking software that might be accepted by you during the use of our website. 

k) Advertising networks

l) Partnerships.

4. Web Enquiry Form and the Internet: Sadly, the transmission of information via the internet can never be completely secure, and clients disclosing information via the internet and on our website should be aware that they do so at their own risk. Once we receive your information we will use our procedures to keep that information secure and to prevent unauthorised access.

5. Sharing Your Information: Evergood Travel do not distribute your details to any third-parties for the purposes of marketing activity; nor do not sell or lease your details to any third-parties. We will however need to share your information, on occasion, with the following third-parties:

a) Trusted third-parties, such as hotels, hotel suppliers, airlines, and other such service providers like transportation companies, ground agents, tour companies, etc.

b) Members within our holding company and due to Evergood Travel Ltd sharing operations with members situated within the same company group (MH4 Ltd).

c) Third parties where there is a legitimate requirement for us to do so in order to fulfil our contract with you, such as providing airlines with passengers’ passport and contact information.

d) Any other third-parties if considered necessary to protect your (or our) legal rights, property, and safety, or those of other innocent parties. Instances such as fraud-prevention procedures, and credit checks, would sit within this.

e) Prospective buyers of our business or investors.

5. Non-EEA (European Economic Arena) suppliers: As a follow on from Sections 2 & Section 5 of this agreement, we would make you aware that on occasions we will need to provide your details to trusted suppliers situated outside of the EEA, who may operate in countries whose privacy policies and legal protections are not as stringent as our own. Examples of this would be to overseas hotels, transfer providers, and tour companies. Where this is the case, we will make sure we take every step to protect your details as required by law and may take additional steps to protect your data: for example, we may enter into agreement with non-EEA suppliers that any personal information provided to them is limited to what is required to fulfil our agreement with you. The dissemination of information is ultimately dependent on the clients’ choice of destination and holiday, and we cannot accept responsibility for any data breach that occurs with a travel provider associated with your holiday. 

6. Additional Members on the Booking: where we ask for personal details for other members listed on the booking, we would stress that it is your responsibility to obtain their consent for the sharing of their personal information and, as lead name, to make them aware the details of both our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

7. Retention: We will only retain sensitive information provided by you for an appropriate length of time. Since the functions of, and requirements for data gathering will vary, so will the period of time for which specific data is stored before deletion. On an ad-hoc basis, we may request permission to store your data securely for the purposes of expediting future transactions, such as frequent flyer references, loyalty memberships, etc. 

8. Your Rights: As well as adhering to the legal criteria for the handling of personal information, clients are afforded a number of rights with regards to the information being held on them. These further rights would include (but are not restricted) to the below:

- Access of Information: At any time, a client can request a copy of the personal information a company is holding on them. The company may be allowed to charge a small administrative fee in the act of providing this information.

- Rectification/Correction: On occasion the information a company collects from you might be incorrect, incomplete, or out of date, and in such instances you have a right for that information to be updated accordingly.

- Erasure: When there is no strong need for us to have your information, you can request for that information to be deleted.

- Restrictions: In certain situations, if you advise us on any restrictions regarding the use of your personal information we will do so, in line with conditions of this agreement.

9. Changes: We reserve the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy. There may be occasions for example where the ways in which we gather and/or use your information evolves. You should always check our privacy policy on our website for any such changes, or read any emails sent to you notifying of the same.